Handloom – Thenzawl


               Picture: Handloom Weaver

Thenzawl, in the state of Mizoram is often called a Handloom City. Their product has reached not only other towns and villages within Mizoram, but other states of the country as well as foreign countries.

Located 43 kms from Aizwal, the state capital, Thenzawl is an important hub of traditional Mizo handloom industry, which produces rich and colorful varieties of Mizo traditional textiles. The Industries Department under the Government of Mizoram has taken various initiatives in promoting this handloom industries and had even setup a Handloom Complex where almost all households own looms.

Summary of Thenzawl Handloom Survey Report – 2017

  1. No. of Units reported – NA
  2. No. of looms – 2003
  3. No. of running looms – 1758
  4. No. of idle looms – 245
  5. No. of weavers – 1847
  6. Total production of clothes (July-Dec, 2017) – 11352
  7. Production Value (Not sales realization) – Rs. 10,80,33,600.00
  8. Total yarn used in weight (Wastes not inclusive) – 32108.4 kgs
  9. Length of the total clothes produce in metre – 107028 metres
  10. Cost of yarns at Rs. 450/kg (as per local rate) – Rs. 1,44,48,780.00
  11. Approx. net profit – Rs. 1,62,05,040.00
  12. Looms and weavers condition for the last five years

    Year     Looms     Weavers     Training

    2010        481               473             NA

    2011        524               530              42

    2012         962             1205             24

    2013        998              1276              45

    2014        1543             597              NA

Carpentry – Chhuanthar Tlangnuam


                 Pictures: Three Sitters

Chhuanthar Tlangnuam also known as Baktawng is famous for their carpentry products. Almost 70% of the total household depends on carpentry as their occupation. These household usually had their workshop in the basement of their home and work daily with only some basic carpentry tools available with them. There are few households who could not afford to own separate workshop, in such cases they share and run workshop together with other families.


             Picture: Furnished Chair

Teak wood is the main raw material used for their products; these raw materials are obtained from other places. Their finished products are exported to Aizawl from where they are again distributed to different locations. The price and quality of these products is the main factor that makes them very popular.

Pottery – Chhuanthar Tlangnuam


       Picture: Cooking Utensils

Alluminium Pottery is another important occupation in Chhuanthar Tlangnuam. Cooking utensils are the main products. The most popular product is big cooking pan also known as “Bel” or “Dekchi”. These big cooking pans vary in sizes from 3 litres to 120 litres.

These products are exported to all parts of Mizoram and other parts of the country.