Tandem Flight

         Picture: Paragliding at Serchhip

Paragliding is now becoming a new adventure sports that attracts people from all corners. Paragliding has been practiced at a place called Chuanhnuai that is between Serchhip town and Keitum Village along the National Highway NH 54 since 2012. It has now become so popular that a Paragliding Festival was even organized once attracting Paragliders from other states as well.

The said location is one of the most suitable venue for paragliding in the country and is the only paragliding location available in Mizoram.

These paragliders take off the Chuanhnuai and landed in a very beautiful valley called Zawlpui leilet.

Ngentiang Caves


          Picture: Lutpui Cave

Ngentiang – a village near Serchhip is a home to many caves. Among these caves “MZP Puk” and “Lutpui Puk” are the two famous ones. MZP Puk is 725 feet in depth and is frequently visited by adventure groups from different places.

Lutpui is the deepest cave in Mizoram. It was first fully explored by ALMA YAC – an adventure club from Lunglei, Mizoram in the year 2014. The cave is 2225 feet in depth. Though many adventure clubs have frequently visited this Lupui cave, only very few are able to explore it fully due to its depth, narrow and rugged nature.

Khuai Kham

Khuai Kham

                  Picture: Khuai Kham

Not far from Serchhip town in a village called Ngentiang, a beautiful mountain cliff is found. This mountain cliff is home to wild bees which are very large in numbers. For this reason this mountain cliff is commonly known as “Bees Cliff” meaning “Khuai Kham” in Mizo.

These bees produced large   quantities of honey. The local people use to organize a village wide activity to get this bees and honey which they used for food.

Nowadays, adventure clubs use this mountain cliff for sports and adventure activities and attract large number of visitors.