Disaster Management

Serchhip District is divided into nine zones where each zone is assigned a zonal officer. Each zonal officer is responsible to look after the areas assigned to them for disaster related emergency issues. All village councils within Serchhip district will report to their respective zonal officers in times of disaster

ZONE I – Keitum, Bungtlang, Hriangtlang
Zonal Officer
– Shri Lalruatmawia Zadeng
Designation – District Informatics Officer
Contact – 857525549

ZONE II – Serchhip VC I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII 
Zonal Officer – Shri R.Vanrengpuia
Designation – SDO (S)
Contact – 9436383058

ZONE III – New Serchhip North, New Serchhip South
Zonal Officer
– Shri Lalvenhima
Designation – Election Officer
Contact – 9862361941

ZONE IV – Baktawng, Baktawng Tlangnuam, Hmawngkawn, Hualtu, Hmuntha, Thentlang, Khawbel
Zonal Officer – Shri Neng Thianlala
Designation – SDC
Contact – 9436158966

ZONE V – Chhiahtlang,Chhingchhip, Chhingchhip Mualpui, Khumtung, Buhkangkawn
Zonal Officer – Shri H. Lalhruaitluanga
Designation – 
Contact – 8131852226

ZONE VI – Rullam, Vanchengte, Vanchengpui, Sialhau, Hmunzawl,Thinglian,Ngentiang, Lungpho
Zonal Officer – Shri Vanlalhmachhuana
Designation – BDO Serchhip
Contact – 9862237347

ZONE VII – Thenzawl Town, Buangpui, Neihloh
Zonal Officer – Ms. Pinky Zosangpuii
Designation – SDO (Civil), Thenzawl
Contact – 9862329373

ZONE VIII – N.Vanlaiphai, Lungkawlh, Lungchhuan, Bawktlang
Zonal Officer – Shri. Pachhunga
Designation – SDO (Civil), North Vanlaiphai
Contact – 9862141090

ZONE IX – E.Lungdar, N.Mualcheng, Chekawn, Leng, Sailulak, Khawlailung, Sialsir, Piler
Zonal Officer – Ms. Dorothy Muansangi
Designation – BDO, E.Lungdar
Contact – 9774066872