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Serchhip District-ah tluang takin inthlan a ni
Serchhip District-ah tluang takin inthlan kalpui mek a ni
Serchhip District-a Polling party-ten an duty na tur panin an chhuak kim ta
Serchhip District-a Polling party-te inthlan buaipuina hmanrua sem a ni
Governor-in Inthlanni sawrkar chawlhah a puang
Serchhip District-a inthlan buaipuitu Polling Party-te kalchhuah dan tur
Hrangturzo AC BYE-ELECTION atana GENERAL OBSERVER mipui ten dawr theih
Serchhip-ah EVACUATION DRILL hlawhtling taka neih a ni
Serchhip District-a inthlan buaipui tur POLLING OFFICIAL te training thawh thumna
Serchhip District-a hman tur EVM COMMISSIONED a ni
Chhingchhip-ah Legal Metrology Department ten GAS BUK tling lo an man
Serchhip District MJA PRESS TOUR a hlawhtling
Serchhip BAWRHSAP tharin hna zawm tan
Serchhip DIET hnuaia IGNOU STUDY CENTRE kaltlanga D.El.Ed zirtur lawmluhna inkhawm
Serchhip-ah MEGA MOCK-DRILL hlawhtling tak neih a ni
Serchhip-a MEGA MOCK-DRILL neih dan tur NDMA OBSERVER hovin sawiho
Serchhip-ah INCIDENT RESPONSE SYSTEM chungchang zirho a ni
March ni 13-a Serchhip a MEGA MOCK-DRILL neih dan tur rel a ni
Serchhip-a CHAPCHAR KUT 2014 lawm tura inpuahchahna tluang taka kalpui mek a ni

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Reports, Notifications & Orders
Report on Observation of ‘KUTHNATHAWKTUTE NI’, Serchhip District
14 Unbanked Villages within Mizoram successfully included and covered under financial inclusion
Mizoram Calendar 2013 atan thlalak pekluh theih a ni
Office Memorandum on Official dealings between the Administration and Members of Parliament and State Legislatures - Observance of Proper Procedure