Dated Serchhip, the 22nd December, 2016

No.B.12020/1/2016-LRS(S): Under Secretary to the Gov’t of Mizoram, Land Revenue & Settlement Department-in Notification No. K.12011/61/2015-REV/Pt dated 19.12.2016-a Preliminary Notification a chhuah ang leh, mipuite tan a that zawkna turin NH-54 Kawngpui (Aizawl to Tuipang) laih zauh leh thawm that hna chu Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA) tanpuinain thawh a ni dawn.  

Hei hian mipui vantlang a nghawng theih dan tur zirchianna
(Social Impact Assessment Study) pawh State Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj (SIRD & PR) in a nei tawh. Section 4 of the Mizoram (Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation & Resettlement) Act, 2016 in a phut angin zirchianna report pawh thehluh tawh a ni. 

He project hian Serchhip District chhunga NH-54 Kawngpui hi Japan International Co-operation Agency sum hmangin National Highways & Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.(NHIDCL) kaltlangin laih that te, laih zauh leh siamthat hna te thawh a ni dawn.  

He project in a nghawng te tuam hlawm dan tur leh chhawmdawl zelna (Rehabilitation and Resettlement) chungchang pawh buaipui turin Additional Deputy[dot]commissioner, Serchhip District chu Administrator turin ruat a ni.

He hriattirna (Public Notice) hi Section-11(1) of The Mizoram (Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation & Resettlement) Act, 2016 hmanga a hre tur ten an lo hriat nan chhuah a ni. 

Chuvangin, Serchhip District chhunga kawngpui (NH-54) zauhna leh siamthat tur atan a ramlak tur (acquire area) huam chhunga in hmun, huan/lo ram, etc nei zawng zawng chuan Preliminary Notification chhuah ni atanga ni 60 (Sawmruk) chhungin u/s 15 of The Mizoram (Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement) Act, 2016 tlawhchhanin Deputy[dot]commissioner, Serchhip-ah a hnuaia tarlan teah hian ziakin Objection thehluh theih a ni e.

i) Ramzau zawng leh hman tangkai dan tura ruahman dan ah.
         ii) Kawng zauh hi Mipui vantlang thatna tur ni zawka ngaih a nih chungchangah.
iii) Social Impact Assessment Report chungchangah.


District Collector
Serchhip District : Serchhip

Memo No. B. 12020/1/2016-LRS(S)


Dated Serchhip, the 22nd December, 2016

Copy to:

1) The Under Secretary to the Gov’t of Mizoram, Land Revenue & Settlement Department for favour of information. This has a reference to notification No.K.12011/61/2015-REV/Pt dt 19th December, 2016.
2) The Director, Land Revenue & Settlement, Aizawl, Mizoram for favour of information.
3) The General Manager, NHDICL, C/o Eddie Khawlhring Bldg, Tlangnuam CP Road, Aizawl for favour of information.
4) The District Information & Public Relations Officer, Serchhip for publishing the above Public Notice in 2 (Two) leading local daily Newspaper from Serchhip. Advertisement Bill received in this regard shall be sent to the Deputy[dot]commissioner, Serchhip for payment
5) DIO, NIC Serchhip with a request to upload the above Public Notice at the official website of Deputy[dot]commissioner, Serchhip.
6) The Manager, SCN/TT Vision News Item-a lo puang tura ngen leh hriattir in ni.
7) The VCP………………………………….for information and necessary action. An Village Council area-ah lo puangzar a; Public Notice Board a lo tarchhuak ngei turin.
8) Guard File

District Collector
Serchhip District: Serchhip