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Serchhip District PIGRM - Horticulture Department

A. Thuhmahruai

Serchhip Horticulture Division hnuaiah hian Circle pali(4) viz., Serchhip Circle, Chhingchhip Circle, N.Vanlaiphai Circle leh Thenzawl Circle te a awm ani. Department hmalakna tlangpui chu hetiang ani.

(I) Area Expansion
  (a) Fruits - Serthlum, Lakhuihthei, Balhla, Sapthei, Grape, Avocado, etc.
  (b) Vegetables - Zikhlum, Bawkbawn, Hmarcha, French Bean, Changkha, Bawrhsaiabe, Antam, Brocolli, Tomato, Knolkhol, Carrot, Lettuce, etc.
  (c) Floriculture - Anthurium
  (d) Spices -  Aieng, Sawhthing,Purunsen, Dhania, etc.
  (e) Mushroom - Pleurotus Species
(II) Creation of Water Sources - Tuikhuah
(III) Protected Cultivation - Green House, Shade Net House
(IV) Organic Farming - Vermicompost Unit
(V) Human Resources Development - Training chi hrang hrang, Study Tour, etc.

B. Employee Directory (Go Top)

Head Office Divisional Horticulture Officer Lalhmangaiha Overall Head 9436150363
Assistant Divisional Horticulture Officer F.Zorinsangi Overall Supervision for NLUP, Administration etc. 9436146117
Horticulture Development Officer Lucy Zaithangpuii Overall Supervision for Technical Works 9436146869
Field Consultant Lalmuanpuia NLUP 9863693377
Horticulture Demonstrator J.K.Zirtluanga Organic Farming, Vegetables, NHB 9856542314
J.E Sanjay Chanda Plan & Estimate, Creation of Water Sources, etc. (0384)2242071
Horticulture Demonstrator R.Lalhmunsiama Spices, Medicinal Plants 9436771578
-do- Lalsiamliana Sailo Root & Tuber, Information, Farmers Training etc. 9862552478
-do- Lalngaihzuala Floriculture, Mushroom, Plant protection, etc 8014620197
-do- T.Kapvela Nurseries, Bee Keeping, etc 9856853789
-do- P.Remsanga Sale proceed/ Subsidy, Store 9436964912
-do- Lalduailova Natural Calamity, Women development 9862906620
-do- R.Lalremruati Protected Cultivation 8731878862
Establishment H.A R.Dengkhuma Overall Supervision of Establishment 8974741516
UDC Lalramchuani Establishment 9862381613
LDC F.Lalrawngbawli Account/ Cashier 9436785764
-do- Thuamliani Establishment 9856593702
Serchhip Circle Horticulture Demonstrator C.Lalhmangaiha Overall Supervision 9436376025
-do- Lalremsanga Monitoring, Inspection 9612679896
-do- Helen Laldingliani All files 8575328883
Thenzawl Circle Horticulture Extension Officer Tlangkhuma Overall Supervision 9863329519
Horticulture Demonstrator Maggie Zosangpuii All files 9862869095
Chhingchhip Circle Horticulture Extension Officer H.Roliana Overall Supervision 9436360597
Assistant Horticulture Extension Officer R.Thankamlova Assist HEO 9436153311
Horticulture Demonstrator Lalhmunsiama Monitoring, Inspection reports etc 9862944098
-do- R.K.Lalsawmliana Monitoring Inspection reports etc 9612060972
N. Vanlaiphai Circle Horticulture Extension Officer P.C.Lalnghahsangi Overall Supervision 9615554887
Horticulture Demonstrator K.Runremmawia Monitoring and inspection reports etc 9436788035
-do- R.Vanlalduhawma -do- 9862770115

C. Complaint Box (Go Top)

COMPLAINT BOX pawh Office kawngkapui bulah dah a ni e.