Detail programme for ‘Kuthnathawktute Ni’ was chalked out in strict compliance to instruction received from Secretary, NLUP Implementing Board. Due to shortage of time, the District Committee for organising the stated function could sit once only. However, all the required and neccesary actions was discussed upon and further course action decided at this meeting.
The following officials/prominent persons were invited to attend the function.

1. All gazetted officers in Serchhip. This is in compliance to GAD, Govt. of Mizoram’s order.
2. District/ sub-hqrs. level leaders of various NGOs/other organisations viz. YMA, MHIP, MUP, MJA and AMFU.
3. Prominent church leaders of different church denominations.
4. All District Level NLUP Implementing Committee and District Level NLUP Monitoring Committee members.
5. Editors and Managers of all local daily newspapers and cable TV operators.
6. All Presidents and Members of VCs within Serchhip.
7. All Chairmen and Members of VLICs and VLMCs within Serchhip.
8. All selected beneficiaries under 1st and 2nd Phase of NLUP within Serchhip.

January 14, 2013 (Monday) - ‘Kuthnathawktute Ni’ was observed on a grand-scale at Serchhip for the whole of Serchhip District. The official function was held at DC’s Conference Hall, Serchhip starting from 11:00 AM and was presided by Pu Lalsangliana, Addl. DC in the capacity of Chairman of the function and on-behalf of DC who was on leave. Pu R. Lalzirliana, Hon’ble Minister, Mizoram graced the function as Chief Guest. however, Pu K.Lianzuala, MLA & Chairman, MKVIB who was expected to attend the function as Guest of Honour could not make it due to unavoidable circumstances.

After a welcome address by the Chairman, Rev. Lalhmachhuana, Pastor in-charge of New Serchhip Presbyterian Pastorate dedicated the programme to the Almighty by reading from the Holy Scriptures and offering of prayers, words of encouragement were also uttered by the pastor.

After this, report was presented by Pu James Lalsiamliana, District Agriculture Officer and Secretary of District Level Selection Committee. In his report the officer highlighted all the stages of action taken by all concerned officials, apart from decisions taken by District Level Selection Committee in the selection of 4 best beneficiaries and 4 best villages at the District level and forwarding of 3 best beneficiaries and 3 best villages to the State Level Selection Committee, all in minute details. After the report, K. Lalnunsiami, P&E Veng, Serchhip enthralled all the invitees and audiences with her special number.

At this point of time refreshing dose of ‘Passion Fruit’ squash, received from MIFCO Ltd. Mizoram through NLUP Implementing Board, Mizoram, Aizawl was distributed to the dignitaries, officials, special guests and all the assembled audiences.

Pu R.Romawia, General Secretary, Hnamchhantu Pawl, Mizoram, Aizawl, then stood up and gave a speech. In his speech, the speaker delivered words of deep appreciation of NLUP. He focussed on the tie that Hnamchhantu Pawl kept with NLUP. To their reputed organisation, NLUP is a ray of hope and harbinger of positive change to the economy of Mizoram. He exhorted the farmers and NLUP beneficiaries to be dedicated to their respective works, so that perpetual success may be achieved. After the speech, Laithangpuii, AOC Veng, Serchhip came up with a beautiful number and entertained all the people attending the function with a wonderful song.

According to the programme, Pu C. Lalsawmliana, President, AMFU District Hqrs. Serchhip, then presented a speech. Describing the origin of the organisation and parts played by AMFU for the upliftment of farmers in Mizoram, the speaker also emphasized the vital importance that NLUP holds for the overall development of farmers in general and NLUP beneficiaries in particular in Mizoram. The speaker also addressed all the audiences, majority of whom are NLUP beneficiaries, to be serious in their individual project work. He counselled them to avail the help of technical experts of Govt. Departments and Agencies in developing and up-dating their methods and techniques of farming. After the speech, H.Malsawmtluanga, Sailiam Veng, Serchhip lighten the atmosphere with his ‘stand-up comic’ talent making the audiences roar with laughter.

After this, at the invitation of the Chairman, Pu Thanglawra Ngurte from MPCC Media Department presented a speech. This particular item is reserved for the Guest of Honour but as stated above, the hon’ble Guest could not make it to the function due to unavoidable circumstances. In his speech, the speaker highlighted various initiatives taken by Govt. of Mizoram for the development of the State which includes road/highway construction, generation of hydro-electric power supply, export of commercial items, upgradation of state police force, augmentation and development of NLUP, etc. The speech was indeed informative. Lancy Remlalhruaii, Chhim Veng, Serchhip then presented a beautiful song keeping the audiences fixed to their seats.

The Chief Guest then rose to deliver his speech. Expressing his gratitude to all the officials, prominent guests, and the assembled audiences for having made it possible to attend the august gathering, he pointed out that NLUP is treading on the path of success almost all across Mizoram despite some cases of inactivities on the part of certain beneficiaries. The Chief Guest took the opportunity in rendering words of appreciation to all the Line Department officials who bore the brunt of hardwork to make NLUP a success. He further appreciated the actions taken by DC, Line Department Officials, DLIC, DLMC, VLIC and VLMC in Serchhip District with regards to NLUP. He stated that deletion of 16 inactive/failed beneficiaries under 1st Phase was a positive step towards successful implementation of NLUP. He further apprised the audiences that the Line Departments of Serchhip District are hopeful that 72% of 1st Phase of NLUP beneficiaries within Serchhip District will be able to achieve achieve 100% success in their respective trades which indeed is noteworthy.

The Chief Guest further stated that Mizo people as a whole are very fortunate to have received the Gospel, all the advancement and developments witnessed today had its root in the Gospel and he urged the people today to commit themselves to lead their lives in true Christian spirit. He expressed his concern on how the beneficiaries are utilising the NLUP assistances they received from the Government and urged all beneficiaries to scrupulously take up their trades so that perpetuated success may be realised and the vision of NLUP be materialised.

In concluding his speech, the Chief Guest expressed his appreciation regarding good maintenance of law and order in Mizoram and in Serchhip District during the recent Christmas and New Year festivities. He stated that magistrates, Police forces and NGOs especially YMA went hand in hand to ensure peace and tranquility and strictly enforce the ban on firing of crackers. This is indeed a matter to be proud of.

The Chief Guest also extended his congratulation to ‘Baktawng Tlangnuam’ village in their success in bagging the ‘1st Prize - Best Performing Village under NLUP’ award at the State Level. He also congratulated the District Level ‘Best Beneficiary’ award winners.

After his memorable speech, the Chief Guest gave away the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prizes of District Level awards of ‘Best Performing Beneficiaries under NLUP’ to the following 1st Phase of NLUP beneficiaries -

1. R.Lalrualliana S/o Lungthanga of Biate,
Trade : WRC - I (under Agriculture Sector).
He received 1st Prize of Rs. 75000/- and citation.

2. Lalchuana S/o Pabenga (L) of N.Vanlaiphai,
Trade : Poultry Farming (under AH. & Vety. Sector).
He received 2nd Prize of Rs. 50000/- and citation.

3. Khawvelthangi D/o Zalaia (L) of Serchhip-IV,
Trade : Broom Cultivation (under Soil & WC. Sector).
She received 3rd Prize of Rs. 30000/- and citation.

It may be necessary to mention that the 3rd Prize - Best Performing Beneficiary award winner Pi Khawvelthangi could not attend the function due to personal problems. For and on her behalf, Pu Lalzuiliana, VCP/Chairman, VLIC, Serchhip-IV received the prize money and citation.

After the prize distribution, an unexpected special number was presented by Pi F. Lalzamliani W/o R.Lalrualliana (1st Prize - Best Performing Beneficiary award winner), her beautiful song ‘Zun phur thingtin par leh khawtlang lii liai’ rendered everybody speechless.

At the end, ‘vote of thanks’ was proposed by Pu Lalramliana Sailo, Member of District Level NLUP Implementing Committee, Serchhip District, Serchhip with a fervid and joyful note.

Counted by supporting staff who served the refreshments at the end of the programme, it was estimated that 700 - 800 people attended ‘Kuthnathawktute Ni’ programme at Serchhip. As stated, a wholesome preparation of tea and snacks were served to all after the programme.

At the consent of the Chief Guest, the present District Level award winners and Line Department officials, together with the Chief Guest took photographs for record.

The official observation of ‘Kuthnathawktute Ni’ programme at Serchhip for Serchhip District was an overall success.

Dt:28/1/2013                                                                                                                   (ROBERT C.LALHMANGAIHA)
                                                                                                                                                            Nodal Officer
                                                                                                                                                Serchhip District: Serchhip