The role of the Office of the Deputy Commissioner is vast and wide. As it is the seat of the head of district administration, it deals withall walks of life including the rich and the poor, the young and the old, and various branches of the Government. Deputy Commissioner’s Office serves as the watchdog of all Departments in the district ensuring that certain accepted norms and guidelines are followed by it thereby bringing diligence and transparency in work culture.

This Office plays a pivotal role in the field of law and order; it ensures that peace and tranquillity is maintained in the district. It conducts election for Assembly, Parliamentary as well as Village Council election; it ensures that electoral roll is purified and authenticated through various revisions. It also deals with developmental works and various Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Inner Line regulations, arms and explosives, land and building, relief and rehabilitation, census, consumer forum, and various certificates are issued and handled by this Office alone. This office has dynamically coordinated with Non-Governmental Organisations so that the voice of the people in the form of organisation is never ruled out.

This Office directly deals with the citizen. On everyday basis, it is providing numerous citizen centric services from school children to adults. Deputy Commissioner’s Office, Serchhip is committed to achieving the goals of citizen centric administration through effective delivery of public services in an atmosphere of transparency, accountability and efficiency.

2. VISION Go Top
To actively indulge in the pursuit of excellence in good governance by providing a transparent, trustworthy, responsive, efficient and accountable district administration.
1 Co-ordinating all departments for smooth and effective functioning of administrative machinery in the district.
2 To successfully implement and monitor all developmental works and schemes like MPLADS, MLALADS, BADP etc. and Government flagship programme NLUP through authorised agencies.
3 Conducting a free and fair election, preparing an authentic electoral roll and issue EPIC.
4 Maintaining law and order through the exercise of magisterial powers.
5 Enumerating and registering nation-wide censuses like Biometric enumeration, NPR, SECC as and when required.  
6 Observing important National days and maintaining of Protocols.  
7 Upholding Inner Line Regulations through notified Guidelines.  
8 Redressing public grievances and queries by promoting rapid service delivery to the citizens.  
9 Disseminating best practices, easy approach and grass root level service delivery to the citizens.  

The Office is headed by the Deputy Commissioner who supervises and controls the functioning of all the branches through officers and staffs subordinate to him. The Organisational structure of the Office is enclosed in Annxure 1. The Deputy Commissioner is the Chairman of various Committees in the district as many as 40.

The details of business transacted is as under:-

(i) Law and Order/Judicial: Go Top
  # As the Office of the District Magistrate, it is responsible for maintenance of law and order, peace and tranquillity, controlling and supervising the executive magistrates and the action of district police.
  # Issue of prohibitory orders when there is a threat to public peace under CRPC etc. and disposal of petitions received from the government and others.
  # It also deals with matters of arms and explosives, sanction prosecution order in case of contravention of Arms Act, 1959. It is also in-charge of recovery of loans and debts under MPDRA 2001 certificate case through Sub-Divisional Magistrate.
(ii) Election Branch Go Top
  # Preparation of electoral rolls of Assembly, Parliamentary and Village Council.  
  # Conduct of election for MP, MLA and VC Election  
  # Issue of EPIC  
(iii) Planning and Programme Implementation Go Top
  # Implementing and monitoring MPLADS and MLALADS  
(iv) NLUP (Govt. flagship Programme) Go Top
  #  Implementing ‘One Village One Crop’ Policy  
  # Modification of trade, change of beneficiary names.  
  # Distribution of CM’s Special Scheme called “Chhumchhia”  
  # Organise function and holding of committees in various capacity and on Farmers’ Day ie. 14th January  
  # Receiving and distributing monitoring fund to Village Level NLUP Committee  
  # A Nodal Office for all line departments  
  # Receiving and disbursing fund to DIPRO for maintenance of NLUP pool vehicle and salary of driver.  
(v) Amrs and Explosives Branch : Go Top
  # To issue, register and renew arms license and weapon  
  # To issue, register and renew explosives  
  # To fix quantity of arms and explosives to be possessed by the licensee.  
(vi) Inner Line Regulation Cell Go Top
  # To issue and renew Regular ILP and Temporary ILP  
  # To issue Temporary Staying Permit in special circumstances  
  # To check ILP violators at regular intervals of time  
(vii) Disaster Management and Rehabilitation Go Top
  # Rescue, relief and rehabilitate victims of natural calamities  
  # Providing of financial assistance under SDRF in case of severe injury, death and loss of property as per standard norms.  
  # Distribution of silpaulin for immediate and future relief  
(viii) Census : NPR, Biometric Enrolment and SECC Go Top
  # Deputy Commissioner is the Principal Census Officer  
  # Registration of residents in the district  
  # To conduct socio-economic and caste survey  
  # To conduct hearing for claims and objections  
  # To conduct biometric enroment  
(ix) Issue of Certificates/ID Card Go Top
  # Tribal Certificates  
  # Residential Certificates  
  # Income Certificates  
  # Tax Exemption Certificates  
  # Marriage/Unmarried Certificate  
  # Character Certificate  
  # Minor-ID Card  
  # Unemployment Certificate  
(x) MPDRA 2001 Go Top
  # The SDO(S) who is also the Certificate Officer serves notices upon debtors for recovery against any arrear or money payable or due to the Government or to any scheduled Bank or Financial Institution approved by Reserve Bank of India.  
(xi) RTI Act. 2005 Go Top
  Information is provided to the public under RTI Act. 2005 For this purpose , the Deputy Commissioner has been appointed as District Appellate Authority. As per direction at page 5 (2) (1) of the RTI Act. 2005 published in “The Gazette of India Extraordinary”, SPIO and SAPIO have been appointed.
Sl. No Name of Office SAPIO SPIO
1 Deputy Commissioner's Office Pu Abhijit Vijay Chaudhury, SDO (C) North Vanlaiphai

Pu K.Lalhmuakliana, SDO(C)
Pu L.Rinliana, SDO (S)Serchhip
2 District Election Office   Pu Lalhmansanga, E.O Serchhip
(xii) Miscellaneous Functions Go Top
  # Land and Building: DC is District Collector in case of land acquisition  
  # Consumer Forum : DC is Chairman of District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, a meeting in connection with this is held regularly for fixation of rates and wages.  
  # Protocol: receiving and entertaining of VIPs/VVIPs and important dignitaries  
  # Important Days: Observance of national important days like Republic Day and Independence Day as well as State Chapchar Kut Ni  
  # E-district : certificates and ILP are issued digitally  
(xiii) Norms for discharge of functions Go Top
SL NO Nature of Service Where to Apply Conditions Maximum Time Frame
1 Tribal Certificate
Judicial Branch
1. YMA/VC recommendation letter
2. Voter’s ID
3. Passport size photo
4. Application Form
02 working day
2 Residential Certificate
Judicial Branch
1. YMA/VC recommendation letter
2. Voter’s ID
3. Passport size photo
4. Application Form
02 working day
3 Income Certificate
Judicial Branch
1.YMA/VC recommendation letter
2.Application Form
02 working day
4 Character Certificate
Judicial Branch
1.YMA/VC Recommendation letter
2.Passport size photo
3.Voter’s Id
4.Application Form
02 working day
5 Inner Line Pass (Regular
ILP Branch
1. Voter ID&Gaon Panchayat
2. Temporary ILP of Applicant
3. Voter ID of Sponsor
4. Passport size photo of Sponsor and applicant
5.Application Form
03 working days
6 Inner Line Pass (Renewal) ILP Branch 1. Application Form 02 working days
7 Tax exemption certificate
Establishment Branch
1.Tribal Certificate
2. Voter ID
3. Passport size photo
02 working days
8 Arms Licence
Arms Branch
1.Form A Application
Subject to approval of Home Department
9 Arms Licence (Renewal)
Arms Branch
1.Renewal Form
2.Arm License original
03 working days
10 Explosive Licence
Arms Branch
1. NoC from Local Council/VC and YMA concerned
2. Character Certificate from Police OC concerned
4. Mining Plan and NoC from Geology and Mineral Resources Department.
07 working days
11 Renewal of Explosive License
Arms Branch
1. Form in RE-1
03 working days
12 Post Mortem exemption
Judicial Branch
1. Non suspicious report from Police
2. Recommendation of YMA
3.Recommendation of Local Council/VC
01 day
13 Marriage/Unmarried Certificate
Judicial Branch
1. Age Proof
2. Recommendation from Local Council/VC
02 working days
14 Hailing Certificate
Judicial Branch
1. Voter ID Card
2. Local Council/VC recommendation
02 working days
15 Minor ID
1.Application Form
2.Passport size photo-2
3.Father/Mother EPIC
4.YMA/VC Recommendation
5.Birth Certificate
02 working days
16 RTI Establishment 1. Application Form 30 working days
17 Unemployment Certificate Establishment
1. Plain Paper Application
2. YMA/VC Recommendation
02 working day
6 Stakeholders/ Service recipients Go Top
  # Citizens of India  
  # All Departments/Organizations of the Government of Mizoram  
  # All recognised Unions/Associations  
  # All Non-Governmental Organisations  
  # Media persons, traders, contractors and businessmen  
7 Expectations from Stakeholder/ Service recipients Go Top
  # Applications are to be submitted in the prescribed formats, if any;  
  # Relevant documents/enclosures (duly attested, where required) if any, are t be submitted along with the application;  
  # Timelines stipulated, if any for completion of formalities for the service delivery are to be adhered to;  
  # Applications of any kind are preferred to be submitted in the forenoon;  
  # Cross-checking for information/latest position in the matter with concerned officials before raising a query/grievance.  
8 Grievance Redress Mechanism Go Top

For any grievance relating to services delivered by the Office of the Deputy Commissioner as given in this Charter, Citizens/Stakeholders may lodge their grievances to in written by post/self to:

VL Remliana
Additional Deputy Commissioner
DC Office, Serchhip
Tel. : 03838-222112
Mob. : 9612081196

9 Organizational chart of DC Office, Serchhip (Annexure I) Go Top

Pic: Organizational Chart of DC Office, Serchhip

10 List of Important Telephone numbers (Annexure II) Go Top
1 Pi Juhi Mukherjee, IAS -
Deputy Commissioner
O - 03838 - 222432
Fax - 03838 - 222178
Mob - 9436773077
2 Pu V.L Remliana, MCS
Addl. DC
O - 03838 - 222112
Mob - 9612081196
3 Pu L.Rinliana, MCS
O - 03838 - 222285
Mob - 873096313
4 Pu Lalhmansanga, MCS
Election Officer
O - 03838 - 226105
Mob - 9612131887
5 Pi B.Malsawmtluangi , MCS
O - 03838 - 226049
Mob - 9612244341
6 Pu Lalnunfela Chawngthu, MCS
O - 03838 - 226049
Mob - 9856055680
7 Pu Lalfakawma Chhakchhuak, MCS
Mob - 9436151829
7 Pi Lalmuankimi
O - 03838 - 226052
Mob - 9862540698
8 Pu Lalruatmawia Zadeng
District Informatics Officer
O - 9863310063
Mob - 8575255495